Zhagum Arshad: Pioneering E-Commerce and Community Upliftment


Meet Zhagum Arshad, the entrepreneurial visionary leading the Loft 25 Group. His innovative approach is not only revolutionising the e-commerce world but also making significant strides in community development.

Zhagum Arshad Loft 25 Group

Loft 25 Group: A Beacon of Creativity

Loft 25 Group, under the guidance of Zhagum, specialises in a diverse range of products, including chic garden comforts and innovative gaming bean bags. The company has set new standards in product development, sourcing, and manufacturing in both the UK and Europe, marking a notable presence in the industry.

Community Initiatives and Offshoring Ventures

Zhagum’s dedication extends beyond business. He is committed to transforming his hometown, Gojra, into a thriving hub of opportunities. Through ventures like Cloud Surge and TriVA Global, he is creating a future of hope and prosperity in areas where opportunities were once limited.

Breaking New Ground with GPTriage

Zhagum’s innovative journey continues with GPTriage, an AI startup aiming to revolutionise patient experiences in healthcare. This venture reflects his commitment to using technology to enhance everyday life.

SMBF: Fostering Business Growth and Community Support

Zhagum’s involvement with SMBF underscores the importance of community support in business growth. His role in SMBF is pivotal in providing guidance and mentorship to its members.

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By implementing these principles, you can create a successful business while contributing to the betterment of society by Islamic teachings.

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