SMBF Istanbul: Unveiling the First International Branch and a New Era of Collaboration

SMBF Istanbul Launch: A New Chapter in International Collaboration

Support Muslim Business Forum (SMBF) has achieved a significant milestone by organising its first-ever international business delegation to Istanbul in Türkiye, where it launched its first international branch. The delegation, comprised of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals, embarked on making robust business connections, exploring trade and investment prospects, and promoting cultural exchange. By engaging with key players in Istanbul, SMBF opened doors to establishing fruitful collaborations and paving the way for long-term growth.

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Journey to Istanbul: Uniting in Purpose

On June 3rd, a group of 25 UK-based SMBF members arrived in Istanbul for a warm welcome. The team gathered for a meeting that evening, united in the purpose of their journey—an endeavour dedicated to God (Allah), who, in His Grace and Mercy, had brought them together with the common goal to exchange knowledge and wisdom, gain insights, and expand their networks with like-minded individuals. What started as an exchange of expertise and successful strategies, soon blossomed into a series of possibilities.

Through discussions and the sharing of experiences, the SMBF delegation facilitated the transfer of knowledge between themselves and Turkish organisations. This collaboration holds immense potential for enhancing business operations, improving practices, and opening doors to exciting partnerships that benefit all involved. This is where the SMBF platform comes in.

SMBF Platform: A Beacon for Growth

The platform has already demonstrated its value to members in the UK by providing a space where talented, dedicated, and qualified Muslim professionals come together. It fosters high-level discussions, cultivates strong business relationships, and promotes growth through available resources such as business development workshops and networking dinner events.

SMBF has successfully forged partnerships between the UK and Türkiye, serving as a bridge between sectors in both countries. This pivotal moment paves the way for meaningful dialogue, connections, and exploration of collaboration opportunities. It envisions a future where the strengths and expertise of the UK and Türkiye combine to maximise their potential and achieve success together.

Events and Encounters: Strengthening Connections

On Monday, June 5th, the SMBF delegation received a warm welcome outside Musiad headquarters before proceeding to the conference room. Musiad’s insightful presentation showcased their organisation, objectives, and vision for Türkiye’s future economy, sparking excitement for potential investments and partnerships. SMBF’s CEO, Dr Usman Khalid, delivered a captivating speech emphasising the core purpose of SMBF’s presence. He highlighted that this initiative is more than a series of business transactions. It serves as a building block in strengthening the Islamic foundation worldwide, fostering inclusivity for the diverse Muslim community. SMBF provides a platform for individuals to showcase their talents, pursue their goals, and gain personal and professional development.

MUSIAD Turkey Istanbul Head Quarters
SMBF Members at MUSIAD Head Quarters Istanbul Turkey

The day concluded with a delightful meal and networking, followed by an exploration of the Turkish property market at the Istanbul Property Expo, offering valuable insights and opportunities for delegates interested in investing. It was a dynamic day, filled with engaging presentations and fruitful interactions.

A Meeting with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce: A Fulfilling Day of Networking and Insight

On Tuesday, June 6th, the delegates embarked on a fulfilling day as they met and enjoyed lunch with board members from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, representing various sectors. The intimate setting around the boardroom table allowed for engaging presentations, discussions, and a delightful meal. The meeting proved successful in gaining insights into the Turkish economy and sectors’ performance, while also exploring how the delegates could contribute their industrial expertise. Networking thrived as business cards were exchanged, forging valuable connections.

The day continued with a remarkable encounter with UTEP, an organisation that shares SMBF’s values of relationship-building over mere transactions. UTEP impressed us with their dedication to building rapport and fostering bonds among delegates and their diverse members. Fruitful discussions took place, forming new relationships and highlighting potential collaborations. It was a day filled with valuable connections and promising opportunities.

Insights from Delegates: Voices of Experience

One of our delegates, Shazeen Iqbal, said the following about the day’s meetings:

“My personal endeavour is to bridge countries and cultures with literature — as a storyteller, a writer, and an editor — all of which I’ve carved around the book industry. I met the chairman and president of publishing of the chamber of commerce with whom I’m discussing how we can create a link between the literature of our countries, and exploring ways in which I can be valuable to the newly flexible choice of reading amongst people who live in Türkiye.”

On Wednesday, 7th June, the delegates had a busy day filled with exciting activities. They started with a B2B meeting with ASKON‘s executive team, where they had the opportunity to meet members from various sectors, including health, tourism, manufacturing, e-commerce, and international businesses. The delegates shared their backgrounds, leading to fruitful discussions and networking to explore potential partnerships and opportunities. Interestingly, the health, tourism, and textile industries showed promising potential for our delegates. ASKON also showcased Türkiye’s first electric car, highlighting the skills of Turkish manufacturers.

World E-Commerce 2023: A Global Outlook

In the evening, the delegates attended the gala event of the World E-Commerce Forum 2023. They had the chance to meet the founders and interact with various exhibitors, gaining insights into the upcoming events during the forum.

On Thursday, 8th June, it was the World E-Commerce 2023 day, and the SMBF delegates enjoyed VIP access to its showroom, which featured a wide array of stalls and exhibitions showcasing products and services in the Turkish market and beyond. This provided a valuable opportunity for the SMBF delegates to gain insights into the buying and selling trends, engage in successful networking, and form new friendships. As the day came to a close, the delegates took some time in the evening to do some shopping and make follow-up calls to the people they had met throughout the week.

SMBF Istanbul Launch Business Networking Dinner: A Celebration

The journey reached its peak with the Istanbul Launch of SMBF, held on the evening of Friday, 9th June. It brought together Turkish businesspeople, creatives, and professionals with SMBF for a memorable dinner on a yacht. This event provided an opportunity to reflect on the value gained from a week of networking and knowledge sharing—a key aspect of SMBF that builds enduring relationships. As we witnessed the growing bonds and business opportunities between UK delegates and Turkish counterparts during the launch dinner, we are thrilled to announce our continued support and resources for our members in Türkiye. Our aim is to strengthen the connection between us, fostering collaboration and growth.

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Here’s what some of our delegates have said about their week in Istanbul:

One of our delegates, Ahmed Ali from City Wide Investors, said the following about the delegation:

In Istanbul’s vibrant embrace, business horizons we trace, Collaborations forged, and a tapestry of success we embrace. SMBF, Support Muslim Business Forum, our guiding light, Together with Askon, Musiad, and UTEP, we took flight.

In this bustling city, a global business hub, Opportunities abound, and a thriving entrepreneurial club.

SMBF’s vision, fostering partnerships and growth, Supporting Muslim businesses, we all pledged an oath.

Through discussions and negotiations, we paved the way, For fruitful collaborations that will endure and stay. Joint ventures and strategic alliances, we did explore, Building bridges of success, and together we soared.

The SMBF delegation is united in purpose and drive, Expanding business networks, and ensuring we thrive.

Istanbul’s spirit of commerce, a catalyst for growth, fueling our ambitions, igniting a business oath.

In this city of wonders, we made our mark, with SMBF’s support, lighting our path from the dark. Collaborations woven, creating a tapestry grand, In Istanbul’s embrace, business horizons expand.

So let us celebrate these accomplishments anew, In Istanbul’s dynamic embrace, dreams come true. With SMBF, Askon, Musiad, and UTEP in our stride, We embrace future collaborations, with success as our guide.

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